Big data streamed directly to your servers

We pipe content to our clients in a simple an digestable format. If you need data for natural language processing, social analytics, content relvance metrics, artifical intelligence, or machine learning models, then you’ve come to the right place

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Our Data Networks


All public reddit posts and comments, streamed in firehose-fashion


RSS content normalized and streamed in an easily digestable format

Data is hard, we make it easy

Why waste your developer’s time on the repetetive work of integrating with the hundreds of different network APIs? We will do it for you! We collect, normalize, and stream data from all of our networks using a single JSON format, and we never make backwards incompatible changes!

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Not sure about the data? Easily sample our content!

In production, we push data to our clients via webhooks, but for demo purposes, you can get sample payloads in the browser in real time!

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